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How to Choose Real and Reliable Human Hair Shop Online?

How to choose real and reliable human hair online?

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We don’t use any chemicals, perms, or hot curling irons on our hair. We insist in not doing any damage or adding crazy smell on our hair products!

Our raw, virgin  hair directly cut from pony tails so all of the cuticles are facing the same direction. (This way the hair won’t turn into a rat’s nest after you wash it… if you have bought low quality hair before then you know what I mean!

We remove any nits by hand and only use organic apple cider vinegar and organic shampoos to sanitize our hair. We do not use insecticides or harsh detergents, that stuff just damages the hair and makes your head itch like crazy! No head patting necessary… we keep it itch-free around here.

We seal all hair wefts with glue, so when you are running a brush through your hair it does not leave the floor looking like someone just shaved your head… and it keeps the wefts thin to make the hair easier to weave and lay flat. (Your stylist will thank you)

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